Fruit nut granola, No Sugar Added (organic)

Granola is one of our favourite snacks, so we make sure to do it justice!

In small batches, we lightly toast organic whole grain Canadian oats and barley flakes, then delicately sweeten with organic apple juice. You will love the flavourful blend of nutritious organic seeds and dried fruits.

We never add fillers (e.g. rice flour), which means our granola is super crunchy. Add to yogurt, smoothie bowls, trail mix, and porridge, or munch on its own for a fibre-filled snack.

Comes in 1 lb and 2 lb bags.


Vegan / Dairy Free / No Sugar Added


*All organic ingredients

*Rolled oat flakes, *barley flakes, *apple juice concentrate, *Thompson raisins, *canola oil, *sunflower seeds, *sesame seeds, *flax seeds, *cashews, *almonds.